Monetary Policy Frameworks - Visualisations
Use the three dropdown menu's to customize the graph:
  1. choose one of the subsets of countries, which includes regional and other groupings used elsewhere but also the World Bank's income groups as of 2005,
  2. choose one of the two framework-aggregations or the full list of frameworks,
  3. choose to scale the chart by absolute numbers or percentages of country-count, GDP, or population size.
Then hover your pointer (or tap your touch-screen) over the chart, to explore the data. Countries on the map will be highlighted for the chosen year to show how they fit into the frameworks for that year. Country names for the selected category will show up below. Countries that moved into or out of the selected category in the previous or subsequent year will show a coloured dot before or after the countryname, with the colour indicating their previous/subsequent category.

The category 'CU' is omitted. Countries leaving the framework (by joining the Euro) are listed with a black dot in the year they enter.

GDP and population data from World Development Indicators, except for Czechoslovakia, USSR and Yugoslavia, where the data have been taken or constructed from the Maddison Historical Statistics.

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